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Here you can download our current price list and the view of the single rooms:

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View of the single rooms

Trip insurance

Occasionally, something can happen before the start of a trip. With our cancellation insurance you are financially covered. Should a booked stay at a hotel be delayed, or even not taken up or prematurely broken off, cancellation charges can be redeemed in accordance with EU standards. In order to save you any expenses in such cases, we recommend you take out this trip cancellation insurance, with which you are covered by Europäische Reiseversicherung's travel insurance.


This year there is the possibility to cancel or change bookings for the year 2020, seven days before arrival. For cancellations within 7 days prior to arrival, 70% of the total booking will be charged. By a late arrival or early departure (days) we have to charge you the whole booked duration of stay, regardless of whether the booked unit can be rented in part or in full.

Please inform us timely with a written notice, if you have to cancel your vacation. We hope this will help you to plan your holiday.